Write something

2 years ago, one of my English teachers have said that “you can practice your English in four different ways: listening speaking reading writing. but the most efficient way is by writting. When you write someting down on the papper, you’ll easily find the the mistakes you made. And also, you need much more skills to make the words beautiful, fluent, in comparing with speaking” But I didn’t take it serious, partly because I always need to use English here and there, I thought I was skilled enought through those daily practice. And passing the CET4 CET6 with ease made me feel sure about that. And now, I feel there is something worng. My English is so dull, both speaking and writing. For example, I use a lot of “and” “but” to connect the sentences. And I even couldn’t figure out any way to make a fifference. This is why I determined to write something everyday. When you are about to write something, you really need to think a lot. How the word spell, how the sentence formed, and sometimes even need to search on the internet to see how other people use the word. Through that, you’ll learn a lot of diffrent phrases, a lot of different methods to express something.

Actually, I just want to write something 😀



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