Sunny Days

        能得到妍玮学姐如此的信任,真的受宠若惊~自己也没做什么,倒是Liu做了很多事,没有他我肯定 mess up了.但也许学姐自有打算,我这IQ只有48的人是不会明白的~

        Actually, I’m here intended to share some photos taken on a sunny morning , but after I have installed the Photo Shop , it’s already so late in the midnight, so ~ I’ll do it tomorrow~
        Gute Nacht~

        I’m back here~Let’s enjoy the sunny weather and the clear sky!

Every time I saw the clear sky between the concret buildings, I felt some kind of moving and exciting

It's one kind of water plants,wearing this made me feel exhilarating in the hot days. I learned this from Bear Grylls

The lake side

        I love the clear sky and the fresh air in the morning.that’s why I get up early in the morning~^_^
         These pictures was taken by my Moto A780, a phone manufactured in 2005. I’m suspecting that there is something wrong with the interpolation algorithm, so I’ll try to rewrite it during my summer vacation.




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